TasLabs provides analytical testing services to Tasmania's government, industrial, agricultural, mining, food processing and commercial business sectors to assist in ensuring that our drinking water, food and other environmental parameters meets State and National standards and guidelines.

We invite you to read about the services that we offer and to be part of our Tasmania wide customer partnership. 

We are committed to a service ethic whereby:

• We aim to maintain the highest standards of professional and technical excellence.
• We provide personalised laboratory services for clients.
• We adhere to a stringent code of ethical practice.

Our staff encourage clients to contact them for information and advice at any time. We are always available to support clients and their business.

Tasmanian Laboratory Services is a member of the Sonic Healthcare group. As such we are able to avail ourselves of a wide range of laboratory and technical resources in pursuit of our high service standards.

Our Service & Resources

Our services are designed to be easily accessible to our clients.

• Comprehensive range of chemical and biological tests are tailored to the needs of clients.

• We offer a rapid turnaround of results.

• Our service is supported by an extensive courier network; providing frequent and timely services to our clients.

• We are committed to technological excellence in all areas, and to that end utilise a sophisticated and specialised IT system; incorporating electronic report downloading and internet viewing of results.

Our Values

Commit to Service Excellence
To willingly serve all those with whom we deal; with unsurpassed excellence.

Treat each other with Respect and Honesty
To grow a workplace where trust, team spirit, and equity are an integral part of everything we do.

Demonstrate Responsibility and Accountability
To set an example, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability, and to seek help when needed.

Be Enthusiastic about Continuous Improvement
To never be complacent, to recognise limitations and opportunities for ourselves and processes and to learn through these.

Maintain Confidentiality
To keep all information pertaining to patients, as well as professional and commercial issues, in strict confidence.